You capture the adventure. We create the memory of a lifetime.

Get professionally edited videos of your adventures

Don’t let the endless collection of videos and photos disappear into your phones and computers.

We create a premium product, finding the story and audio moments to bring you to life in a way that surpasses a thrown-together video montage.  We go above and beyond to tell your story.

We will create any length feature from short videos for social media to mini movies for hosting parties.

Watch and learn why we're here

You want to share a great video with your friend, but it takes endless scrolling and searching to find that one meaningful moment. And that’s just for one clip. 

Your time is valuable.  Let a professional skillfully pull together those moments from your trip – ski, snowboard, scuba, cycling, fishing, marathon, hiking, sailing, proposal, wedding, honeymoon, family, kids, friends, or any party.

Read how people benefited from us

When I went heliskiing with my brother in 2014, we filmed everything. I just hit record. But I have no clue how to edit. Adventure Life Films turned 10 hours of footage into both a long feature for watching on my TV at home and a short trailer for social media. The audio and video quality looks way better than I could have imagined.

– Ryan

My sister and I went to Tanzania with few expectations for a video. Our footage was taken haphazardly. Adventure Life Films somehow was able to turn it all into an awesome four-minute highlight of my trip. It was so much better than I could have imagined and the team from the trip was ecstatic.

– Carson