How we create the magic

We enhance the audio so you clearly hear the quirky, funny, or serious comments and conversations. We enhance the video to make you look your best.

Mix and match formats and cameras: Drone, DSRL, Phone, GoPros. We can handle it. 

Music comes from our extensive library.  You’re also welcome to choose your own for private viewing.

Audio Enhancements

We remove wind and background noise to increase vocal clarity, mix mismatched audio levels to one standard volume, and add music from our vast library to complement the video.

Video Enhancements

We make color corrections and frame adjustments, smoothly stabilize those bumpy shots, and add visual transitions and graphics. We eliminate the fumbling of the camera and unearth the great shot that’s buried in a 100-second clip.

Story Telling

We organize the moments to tell your story with your personality. This can include cutting that 10-minute clip down to a punchy and entertaining length.


We care about the real moments. Your video will retain the natural feeling as if you were there so it feels personal. If you have a specific request, we’re happy to accommodate.