What You need to know

Before and after you film

How to Capture the Moments, Send Your Footage, and Prices



Vertical video doesn’t look good on TVs or computers. Think of television news where vertical cell phone video appears as a strip down the middle of the screen. Of course, if your goal is exclusively social media, then shoot that vertical video. We suggest filming horizontally at first, then grabbing vertical social clips as needed.


Grab quick, establishing shots of signs, buildings, objects, and scenery to help fill out the video. Try to get both wide shots and close up (zoomed in) shots. Get static shots where you hold still for 5 seconds, and then experiment with movement.


Don’t be afraid to tell stories to the camera or talk about what you see while filming. Pay attention to the noise in your environment. We can’t always control our surroundings, but it may be possible to wait for a truck to pass by, turn off the TV or radio in the background, or step a few feet away from our chatty friends to record.


(You can be intentional without letting the camera dominate your trip)
  • Unless you’re waiting for a moment you can’t predict, a good 15-second visual is typically all that’s needed, if it’s framed well and still.  You don’t typically have to film the ocean for 10 minutes, unless you are timelapsing.
  • When panning across a landscape, move the camera at a steady medium-slow pace. Don’t whip it from one side to the other. Get one good shot and move on!
  • Don’t cut a shot short because you feel pressure.  Count to 5 Mississippi to stay accountable.  It’s better to get amazing shots in one take than hundreds of semi-shaky or poorly framed shots in multiple attempts.


  • Set HDR Video to OFF. (Only for iPhones 12 and above. Go to Settings, then Camera, then Record Video. Don’t worry, your videos will still be HD and high quality. HDR is just not compatible)  This is a very important step or we’ll have to convert your videos for an additional cost.
  • Set Format to Most Compatible  (Go to Settings, then Camera, then Formats)


And don’t forget. Be silly, creative, or serious. We want your personality to shine.  Also, remember, this is a video, not a slide show, so take lots of videos!

Three Simple Ways to Send Us Your Video and Photos

OPTION 1 - Dropbox

We will send you an upload request link where you will easily upload the footage directly.
***You can also share your folder with us if you have your own dropbox account.

OPTION 2 - Google Drive

Send your files via your personal Google Drive.

OPTION 3 - iCloud

Share your footage via iCloud.  This can be done with an iPhone or computer.


Any duration (2 min and above) can be accommodated and prorated from the milestones below.
Social media post (30 sec) included with every feature.
This is our attention-grabbing, featured product.

2 min feature –  $499 
4 min feature –  $699
6 min feature –  $1,049
8 min feature –  $1,399
10 min feature – $1,749

OPEN REQUESTS: Trust us to make the best video without choosing a specific package. You only need specify your maximum budget.

***In very rare circumstances, the raw footage may far exceed what is considered typical for a project.  In these cases, we will reach out to you before your project goes into edit.


Any duration can be accommodated and prorated from the milestones below. 
This style involves laying out clips in a specified order. 
Great for family and tribute videos.

5 min video –  $375
10 min video –  $750
15 min video –  $1,125
20 min video – $1,499

Videographer package

Hire us to come with you and film your trip. 
Subject to availability.
Cost: Travel, Lodging, and Food expenses + $750/day

Payment methods

We accept the following payments:
Venmo, Check, Credit Card, ACH bank debit


1. Video file will be transferred digitally to you via Dropbox.

2. Additionally, we will host a private link to your video online that you can share with friends and family.